Who We Are

Siraj: Advancing Hi-Tech in the Bedouin Community (Siraj NGO) strives to integrate the Bedouin society into Israel’s hi-tech sector, in order to increase economic prosperity and decrease polarization between the Bedouin community and the general Israeli society. Our mission is to activate workforce development processes that create job opportunities for Bedouin engineers in the tech industry, with an emphasis on technological and research excellence. In doing so, we will stay true to our name, Siraj, or “a source of light”, in Arabic. The Siraj NGO serves to inspire every Bedouin child, adolescent, and young person in Israel that a fruitful career in tech in realistic, tangible, and achievable for them.

What We Do

Since the Bedouin community’s exposure to and awareness of the tech industry is so low, Siraj focuses on bringing the industry to the community, and on creating demand for Bedouin talent. Our multi-tiered approach leans on the idea that, to ultimately increase the employment of Bedouins in the tech industry, there is first a need to create examples of such employment, and then provide the tools necessary to obtain it. As students and university graduates are exposed to tangible career paths in tech through the example of Siraj Technologies Ltd. (a Bedouin development company owned by the Siraj NGO), tech meetups, and networking events, they will then seek out training and employment opportunities, which Siraj offers through its Job Training Program and Hi-Tech Training Courses. As we develop our training and outreach operations, Siraj’s work will impact will impact thousands of Bedouin high school students, university and college students, young professionals, and community leaders.

Read more about our training and community engagement and outreach activities here.

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