Job Training Program

The Siraj NGO Job Training Program recruits high-performing Bedouin engineering graduates to participate in a three-month training, guided by an expert tech training consultant. Hosted by Siraj Technologies Ltd. (the software development company owned in part by the Siraj NGO), the program trains participants in software development, with a particular focus on the company’s technologies and methodologies. Participants receive a stipend for their participation, and we assume that approximately 70% of participants will be prepared for successful integration into research and development jobs at Siraj Technologies, or other tech companies, upon program completion.

Community Engagement and Outreach

Siraj is a key player in the growth of a tech ecosystem in the Negev. Our monthly tech-focused meetups have been attended by hundreds of Bedouin high school and university students, graduates employed outside the industry, and community leaders. Siraj’s meetups aim to bring quality, technology-focused lectures and workshops to the Bedouin community, allowing Bedouin youth to sense what a career in tech might look like. Read about our meet-ups here.

Tech Training Courses

For candidates who require more extensive technical and soft skills training, we offer a 3-month, full time technology training course, operated in partnership with NGO’s that specialize in this type of training and who have secured government funds to do so. We encourage full-time participation in the course by providing modest stipends to cover students’ living expenses.