Siraj Technologies Ltd. celebrates first anniversary

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Siraj Technologies Ltd. celebrates first anniversary April 2018 Siraj Technologies Ltd. is celebrating its first anniversary. When we launched in April 2017 in Be’er Sheba, our goal was to spend our first year building a highly technological company that employs mainly Bedouin professionals from the ground up. We are proud to say that we have

WeWork and Siraj Technologies: Advancing tech development in Bedouin society – Siraj in Times of Israel

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How many “programs” has the government announced over the years to bring disadvantaged groups — ultra-Orthodox, residents of peripheral areas, Arabs, Bedouins — into the workforce? We’ve lost count, but the answer is “a lot.” Yet Bedouin score far worse than almost every specific ethnic or religious group in Israel; employment rates for Bedouin (60% of Bedouin