The Siraj NGO strives to integrate the Bedouin society into Israel’s hi-tech sector, the country’s engine of economic growth, to activate workforce development processes that will increase economic prosperity and decrease polarization between the Bedouin community and the general Israeli society.

Siraj was founded in 2017 by Bedouin and Jewish academics, social entrepreneurs, and veterans of the Israeli hi-tech industry. “Siraj” means “a source of light” in Arabic and, true to our name, we aim to catalyze and lead the entrance of Bedouins into Israel’s hi-tech industry by highlighting models of Bedouin engagement with it. Such models currently exist in numbers too small to impact the career paths that young Bedouins pursue, so we work to increase them.

Our daughter company, Siraj Technologies Ltd., strives to be an industry-leading tech company that competes on the global stage while creating highly technical job opportunities for qualified Bedouin college and university graduates.


Our programs work in synergy to grow the funnel of qualified Bedouin hi-tech candidates by offering need-specific programming for four distinct audiences:

  • College and university graduates
  • College and university students
  • High schoolers
  • Bedouin community members (leaders, decision-makers, parents, teachers)

Read more about our programs for each of these groups here.